7 Jul 21: Plastic Free July

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  • 7 Jul 21: Plastic Free July

Take the challenge or make a change in whatever way you can to avoid or reduce single use plastic, for this month or forever!

Say ‘no thanks’ to plastic shopping bags, single-use water bottles, plastic straws, plastic food wrap and take away coffee cups and lids.


• Bring your own reusable shopping bags, produce bags or choose a box - top tip: keep some bags by the door or in the car so you don't forget them!

• Refill a drink bottle

• Buy and store food in reusable or compostable containers.

• Choose to refuse plastic straws or use metal or paper alternatives.

• Switch to shampoo bars instead of haircare in plastic bottles.

There are many plastic-free products and packaging available once you stop, look and rethink.

For more tips and to take the challenge head to https://www.plasticfreejuly.org/take-the-challenge/

Plastic Free July