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All you need to know about waste

From our FOGO initiative to our recently revised Waste Management Strategy, you can find it all here.

Read the latest waste news updates, e.g. "dates for Free Waste Weekend at the Landfill". Alternatively upload our free app Recycle Coach on your smart phone.

To find out if the Jackson Street Landfill is currently open, visit this website for real-time updates and a webcam showing toll booth traffic:

Got a waste question? Email us at or call us on 03 6216 6800.

Glenorchy City Council's Waste and Recycling Services Guide: 2021-21 (printable .pdf, 9.8 MG)

Handy Postcard-sized Picture Guide - Waste, Recycling and FOGO (printable .pdf, 5.8 MG)

Kerbside Recycling Bin - Cleanaway's Guide to acceptable items (printable .png file, 2MG)

Hard to Recycle Items? Find local drop-off locations on our Interactive Map

Jackson Street Landfill website, including real-time information on any wind closure plus a webcam showing tollbooth traffic here.


FAQ - Household Waste Services in Glenorchy (link to GCC website)

Tips - Keeping your FOGO caddy and wheelie bin clean

Tips - Compostable bags and FOGO caddies

Tips - Composting Tips for the beginner

Tips - Reducing Food Waste - how to save money on grocery bills

Tips - Reducing Food Waste - template meal plan

Tips - Plastic Free Storage

Tips - Repurpose your clothes!

Tips - Make your own Beeswax Wraps

Tips - Make your own cleaning products

Tips - 40 ways to reduce waste in the home

Fact Sheet - New 3rd Waste Bin (FOGO)

Fact Sheet - Kerbside Recycling


  • When is my waste and recycling collection day? Zoom in to find your street, or enter your address (GCC online map)
  • Download Recycle Coach - Glenorchy Council's free app with handy reminders on waste collections, public holidays and free tip days (external site)
  • Is your wheelie bin damaged or missing? Click here to report a problem (.pdf, 975 KB)
  • What goes in what bin? Can I get a bigger bin? And other kerbside waste collection questions answered (GCC website)


Watching our Waste - resource for parents and teachers (video, 1min 20sec)

FOGO - Public Information Session with Auslan translation (GCC YouTube video, 6min 52sec)

FOGO - Meet your kitchen caddy! Handy tips (GCC YouTube video, 54 sec)

FOGO - Meet your FOGO wheelie bin! Handy tips (GCC YouTube video, 36 sec)

FOGO - What happens to FOGO waste? (GCC YouTube video, 42 sec)


Waste Education Workshops for the community and other Council waste reduction initiatives (GCC website)

Waste-wise Advisory Group - community volunteers with great waste reduction habits

Waste Ambassadors - local Glenorchy businesses that work hard on being waste-wise and eco-conscious

Take the Pledge! Tell us if you are a Waste-wise Warrior!

Glenorchy's Waste Management Strategy (2020 revision) (.pdf, 1772 KB))

Mayor Kristie Johnson at the Derwent Park recycling facility, Nov 6, 2020 (Nightly News 7 Tasmania, starting at 9'37")

Glenorchy City Council - Waste wise and award winning! October 2020 (LGAT Better Councils Better Communities online article)

Glenorchy City Council wins Environmental Leadership and Sustainability Award 2020, (Local Government Professionals Australia Tasmania, announcement)

FOGO: thanks a tonne Glenorchy!, Sept 10, 2020 (full article, Our Glenorchy newsletter excerpt, pg 3)

Art competition raises awareness about waste, June 2, 2020 (Glenorchy Gazette)

What happens to your FOGO waste? April 8, 2020 (Glenorchy Gazette)

Save on grocery bills by reducing your food waste, March 4, 2020 (Glenorchy Gazette)

Invitation to join one of 4 FOGO Public Information sessions, 7-8 Jan, 2020 (Mercury Newspaper, social media, GCC website)

FOGO starts February! Jan 2020, pg 8 (Glenorchy Gazette)

What's up with our recycling? Dec 2019, page 6 (Glenorchy Gazette)

Council Decisions: FOGO Exemption Criteria, Sept 30, 2019, pg 24 (Council Minutes)

Love your landfill...because every bit helps, Sept 4, 2019 (Glenorchy Gazette)

Gwen Harper: Glenorchy's new FOGO girl, Aug 7, 2019 (Glenorchy Gazette)

Glenorchy welcomes new organic waste collection service, May 8, 2019 (Glenorchy Gazette)

Council Decisions: FOGO resolution adopted, Mar 25, 2019, pg 21 (Council Minutes)

Glenorchy Council to tackle organic waste, Mar 9, 2019 (The Mercury newspaper)

FOGO bin collection proposal for Glenorchy, Nov 5, 2018 (Glenorchy Gazette)

Labour Day public holiday Monday 8 March - no change to wheelie bin collections, all bins will be collected as normal.