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Posted on 12 May 2021

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12 May 21: Compostable Products acceptable in FOGO bins

Compostable 1

With more businesses switching to more sustainable and alternative packaging to plastic, it gets confusing where to throw it, right? Here are some tips to help...

These are the two, trusted symbols to look for (pictured). Items with either of these symbols mean items are certified as 100% compostable. Most compostable items have been made from paper, plant starch, sugarcane or corn or polylactic acid (PLA) - these can go into FOGO bins!

BE AWARE! Sometimes you will find a compostable base and a non-compostable lid. This is common when hot food is served because bioplastics can degrade quickly when in contact with heat. PET plastic (marked with the number 1 inside the triangle) can be recycled in your kerbside recycling bin. Put the compostable base in the FOGO bin

Watch out for other claims including ‘degradable’, ‘made from 70% plant starch’ and ‘biodegradable’ etc. These can be misleading and may still contain non-compostable, synthetic materials. If in doubt, put them in the garbage bin so you don’t risk adding microplastics into Tassie’s environment.

Best practice is to reduce your use of packaging all together. Take containers with you, support local business and eat in at venues where possible, remember to take reusable bags and wrappers with you! Little changes make a big difference when everyone has a go!