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Posted on 27 Nov 2020

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12 Nov 20: Mobile Muster shout-out to schools

Mobile Muster Display2020

A big thank you to Guilford Young College Environment Group!

For #NationalRecyclingWeek they researched MobileMuster and created this educational display at Council Chambers on mobile phone recycling.

Fact: Over 90% of the materials can be recovered and used again! And it's not just phones - MobileMuster also take:

- mobile chargers and accessories and packaging

- mobile wireless internet devices

- smart watches and fitness trackers

- VR headset and accessories

Many Australians have at least one old mobile phone and/or accessories sitting in a drawer at home. How about a #SpringClean for #NationalRecyclingWeek? Put these items by your front door ready to take to a MobileMuster drop-off box - schools earn points for phones recycled.

Drop-off locations include:

Bowen Road Primary School

Guilford Young College

Holy Rosary Catholic School Community

Rosetta Primary School

Springfield Gardens Primary School

St Virgil's College

More info, including easy instructions on how to transfer / delete all personal data: