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Posted on 26 Apr 2021

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21 Apr 2021: World Earth Day 2021

Earth Day

Global scale action will occur on Thursday 22 April to mark the 51st year of World Earth Day. World leaders, climate groups and individuals will participate in the conversation around this year's theme 'Restore our earth'.Everyone has a responsibility to protect this planet into the future and even the smallest actions have a significant impact.Since the introduction of our city's Food Organic Green Organic bin service you have contributed to the diversion of THOUSANDS of tonnes of organic waste away from the landfill. This means a critical reduction in harmful methane gas (a deadly greenhouse gas 25 times more potent that carbon dioxide). Plus we help Tassie farmers by creating rich compost from useful organic waste!So keep going, Glenorchy!

Simple everyday changes like separating your waste correctly - General, co-mingled Recycling and FOGO - has a BIG impact for our community and, the world.