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Posted on 22 Sep 2021

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21 Sep 21: Contamination

We continue to experience a high volume of contaminated bins out for kerbside collection.Putting the wrong items in the wrong bin ruins it for everyone in your street who are doing the right thing.- Plastic bags are a major risk to the sorting machinery at the Cleanaway facility where our recyclables go. Keep recyclables loose and no bags in your yellow lid recycling wheelie bin. Soft plastics can be dropped at all major supermarkets for free!- Only organics can go into your FOGO bin, that's food scraps, garden clippings even hair! This organic waste is turned into rich compost for Tassie farmers - no plastic please!For more information check out our dedicated waste website wastestartswithu.com.au, download our handy Recyclecoach app OR just give us a call 6216 6800.

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