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Posted on 26 May 2021

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26 May 21: Go FOGO!

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The FOGO wheelie bin (lime green lid) is for your organic waste which is collected kerbside on the opposite week to your General and Recycling collection. Organic means living therefore anything that was living goes in the FOGO bin – this includes all food and garden waste

We're working to divert tonnes of organic matter away from landfills where they create harmful greenhouse gases that cause damage to our environment.

Unfortunately we are also seeing high levels of contamination with plastic bags and non-organic items dumped in FOGO wheelie bins. When a truck is contaminated it's contents may be rejected by the contractor and sent straight to landfill.

The FOGO service ensures organic matter from your kitchen and garden is turned into rich compost used by Tasmanian farmers. This includes hard to breakdown items like animal waste, meat bones and oyster shells - we'll take it!