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Posted on 03 May 2021

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28 Apr 21: Mother's Day gifting

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Why not look after Mum and the environment this Mother's Day? Here are our top gift ideas for thoughtful and sustainable gifting.

A plant or tree will continue to grow rather than a bunch of flowers that might last a week or so. If you do give/ get flowers, pop them in your FOGO bin once they're done.

Bake a cake and enjoy a catch up over a cup of tea with mum - tea bags and coffee grinds can in the FOGO bin (and left-over cake - if there is any!).

A good conversation and time spent together is never wasted.

Find simple recipes on the internet for home-made body creams or scrubs. Many ingredients can be found in the pantry right now. Give Mum some pamper time and let her relax (for more than 5 minutes, ok?)

Happy Mother's Day from your GCC Waste team.