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Posted on 25 Sep 2020

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30 Sept 20: What Wheelie Bin Audits Teach Us

Waste map

The Glenorchy Council Waste Services team have been running a social media waste education campaign for the month of September, aiming to remind and inform residents of what does (and doesn't) go into the kerbside recycling bin. Council knows that kerbside recycling can be a little confusing sometimes, and we really want to help.

👉 Bin Audits - To help us focus future waste education, our contractors are planning random kerbside recycling bin audits in October – they will be lifting lids to see what other things may be contaminating kerbside recycling and ruining everyone’s good efforts to do the right thing.🙁

🤔 Remember! Plastic bags, polystyrene, clothes & shoes DON'T go in! Nor do batteries, anything electrical, electronic or containers of paint, oil or chemicals. Most of these items can be recycled however, which is why we have 🥁🥁 A searchable map 👀 of local businesses 👏👏 and locations with recycling drop-off options (check first if COVID has temporarily changed things). https://wastestartswithu.com.au/waste-map