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Posted on 04 Nov 2020

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4 Nov 20: Household Hazardous Waste

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Next week is #NationalRecyclingWeek – a week that sees many residents doing a recycling spring clean.👏👍

Please think before putting items into kerbside recycling bins – the wrong things can ignite!🔥

This quick-thinking driver dumped his recyclables onto the street before his truck blew up - the fire most likely caused by Household Hazardous Waste. We've compiled tips below to make sure this doesn’t happen to your street (or our hard-working drivers!)

❗️Batteries, gas bottles, flares, chemicals and hot ashes can NOT go into any Council kerbside wheelie bins – click the below link to our waste-map for local Glenorchy drop-off sites. Cold ashes go into FOGO bins.

🔋Car and household batteries can be dropped off at Every Battery Glenorchy and #Recycal (small charge applies at #Recycal).

🛢🖌Old containers of oil or paint can be taken to Council’s free drop-off site just outside Jackson St Landfill (paint cans must be dry). Supercheap Auto also take unwanted oil.

☠️ Any household spray cans must be completely empty of both product and gas propellant before recycling. 👉 Double-check the nozzle isn’t clogged and there’s no liquid inside, then turn upside down and spray any remaining gas out in a well ventilated area. Remove the plastic lid (but leave the nozzle on) and put both into the kerbside recycling bin.

💊 Old and unwanted medicines should be taken back to any pharmacy to dispose of via the nationwide RUM program (Return Unwanted Medicines). https://returnmed.com.au/

💉 Sharps: Needles, like all medical waste, must not go into Council's kerbside bins. Residents can however dispose of them for free at Chambers if they are in a Sharps Approved container - our customer service counter staff are trained in their safe disposal. When disposing of other sharps, e.g. old razors and knives, please wrap securely or enclose in containers before putting into the general waste bin.

🛑 Household volumes of asbestos needs special treatment, please contact Council before heading to Jackson Street landfill, on 6216 6800.

For Glenorchy recycling drop-off locations visit our interactive waste-map - start typing the name of your hazardous household item in the Search box to see local places highlighted with green dots - hover over the dot for address details. Don't see your item listed? Call us at Council on 6216 6800 and we'll do our best to help.

📷 Cleanaway truck, City of Casey, posted on Facebook 9 Oct 2020