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Posted on 12 Apr 2021

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7 Apr 2021: The controversial 'c' word - contamination



We hate it, our collectors hate it, the sorting staff at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) hate it, and the farmers especially hate it in FOGO (FOGO gets turned into compost for

agricultural use). Contamination is putting the wrong thing in the wrong bin.

Like plastic shopping bags in Recycling or FOGO

(Hint – they ONLY go in the general waste bin, or back to Coles or Woolworths for their free soft plastic recycling bins. No plastic bags in Recycling or FOGO bins. Ever.

To read more about contamination, including the results of our latest Wheelie Bin Audit and what we’re doing about it, read here https://wastestartswithu.com.a.... We'd like to help everyone be a good sort, and stay away from the 'c' word.