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Local businesses leading the way

We're thrilled to have two amazing local businesses on board as Community Ambassadors.

Beauty and the Bees is a natural skincare and haircare company shipping around the world. From their inception over 25 years ago, Beauty and the Bees have had a zero-waste and plastic-free packaging philosophy thanks to the passion of their founder and director, Jill Saunders.

Mercury Walch is a leading commercial printer based in Moonah who have long had stringent environmental practices. Beyond ensuring that they recycle almost 100% of our paper waste, Mercury Walch also use biodegradable plastic wrap, ensure all packaging boxes are made from recycled cardboard and use water efficient equipment throughout the print production process.

Watch this space for their stories and what pledges they are making to continue leading the way in reducing waste as commercial businesses.

Are you a local business in Glenorchy with your own great waste reduction, recycle or reuse story? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email with a brief description of what you do, and we'll be in contact.